Modular loan ensures like any real estate loan

If you want a flexible loan over your evolving budget over an annual period, choose a flexible home loan to finance your project.

Explanation of the adjustable real estate loan


This type of loan to modulate allows the borrower to make monthly payments according to budget availability. The interest rate of the credit is fixed, but it is the amount to repay monthly which varies by increasing but also by decreasing. Maturities may be suspended for a specified period (6 to 24 months maximum). You may be required to notify the change in the duration of your loan.

Provide a flexible real estate loan

Loan insurance is calculated on the initial capital, or on the remaining amount of, compared to a flexible real estate loan it will be better to opt for an insurance calculated on the initial borrowed capital, not to have a bad surprise …

Realize a mortgage insurance simulation modular,

Realize a mortgage insurance simulation modular,

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Flexible real estate loan: the strong points


  • The flexibility of the contract allows borrowers to facilitate the management of finances. In case of increase, the loan will be refunded more quickly.
  • In case of financial concern, the terms of the flexible loan make it possible to pay the sum available.
  • If the case becomes critical, the borrower has the option to suspend repayments for a certain time without jeopardizing the project.

Flexible real estate loan: the weak points

  • There are limits to the variation of repayments.
  • In the event of reduced monthly payments, the duration of the loan is lengthened and the cost of the loan increases.
  • Change in terms from the second year, sometimes only on the anniversary date of the contract.
  • Maximum increase of 30% of the initial cost.
  • Maximum reduction of 10% of the initial cost.